Playhouse Creatures

The year is 1663. Charles II re-opens the Playhouses and for the first time, allows women to take to the stage.

For five women, this signals the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. On stage, the women become household names; behind-the-scenes, they develop strong friendships and fierce rivalries. Playhouse Creatures shamelessly reveals their historic struggle to survive and thrive on and off stage. Nell Gywnn and other leading ladies endured poverty, violence, harassment and social ostracism while under constant pressure to produce new and titillating entertainment.

An empowering and disheartening glimpse of the perceived value of actresses, this vivacious comedy takes us backstage in a Restoration Playhouse to celebrate a bold moment in the history of theatre. Telling the story with bawdy comedy, theatrical flair and emotional poignancy, April De Angelis’ Playhouse Creatures will make you laugh and cry in equal measure.

Warning - This play contains strong language and adult themes.


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