Probably the best amateur theatre club in
Ashton Hayes

The Ghost Train

by Arnold Ridley


Ashton Hayes Theatre Club turn a Classic Thriller into an off the rails comedy.
The Ghost Train is Arnold Ridleys classic drama set in a railway station waiting
room in 1930. A very silly young man accidentally strands six passengers
in a small Cornish wayside station when he looses his hat. They decide its best
to wait our the storm thats brewing outside by staying the night in the waiting
room, but after the old station master Saul Hodgkins warns them about the
phantom train that haunts the tracks after dark, the evening starts to take one
chilling turn after another and they soon regret their decision.


Cheshire Theatre Guild Awards


Grace Owen Most Promising Young Performer as Peggy Murdoch



Mike Howard Best Supporting Actor (Actress) as Miss Bourne