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Ashton Hayes

Lark Rise

Keith Dewhurst (Flora Thompson)

A Moulton Drama Group Production


Lark RiseĀ is set on a single day in the year of Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee.
The story is told by a young girl, Laura, who recalls the characters and rural life
of her Oxfordshire village, Lark Rise. We see, through her eyes, the way the
men worked the fields, shared stories, sang and danced and the everyday lives
of the women. We visit many of the colourful characters of her memory like
Queenie, Twister, travelling tinkers, Old Sally the Goose Girl, soldier John Price
returning from the Sudan and Major Shaman, living in fear of the workhouse.
The theme of music and dance carries thoroughout the play and a promenade
audience are encouraged to join in.


Cheshire Theatre Guild Nominations and Awards

Nominations for Lark Rise are Grace Owen for Laura Timms and Matt Lemmy
for Edmund Timms for Most Promising Young Performer.


AHTC was invited to join Moulton Drama Group for their production of Lark Rise
directed by Robert Meadows

Laura Timms - Grace Owen

Edmund Timms - Matt Lemmy

Emma Timms - Yvette Owen

Albert Timms & Jerry - Steve Evans

Mrs Beamish - Steph Lemmy

Martha Beamish - Eleanor Hart

We had a brilliant time at Moulton and hope to join forces again.