Probably the best amateur theatre club in
Ashton Hayes

The Accrington Pals

by Peter Whelan


Long, long ago in a faraway land there lived a clever young woman called Shahrazad.
It is her wedding night in the place of King Shahrayar and by morning she will be put
to death like a thousand young brides before her. But she has the one gift that might
save her life, the gift of storytelling. Shahrazad brings to life the magical stories of the
Arabian Nights. She paints a dazzling spectacle with her strange and wonderful tales
that take us to enchanted caves to meet crafty thieves, singing trees, flying men,
wise talking birds and magical lands. But can the power of the stories break the
terrible curse and come sunrise will the King spare her life?


Cheshire Theatre Guild Awards


Best Costumes



Best Supporting Actor - Mike Howard as Sergent Rivers

Best Dramatic Achievement